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What Is One Funnel Away Challenge

If you’ve found this article, you’ve likely already heard about the well-publicized One Funnel Away Challenge from ClickFunnels, which is also sometimes referred to as One Funnel Away or simply OFA, but perhaps you’re still trying to figure out what it is exactly,  how it works and how you can benefit from it.

In this detailed One Funnel Away Challenge review we are going to go deep into all of the information surrounding the One Funnel Away Challenge so you are armed with everything you need to know about both the challenge and its associated 30 day training program.

Ok, so let’s dive right in!

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge Review

 The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day training program and challenge offered by ClickFunnels that has been specifically designed to walk you through the process of creating an online business within 30 days.

The overall principle of the One Funnel Away Challenge is that by the of 30 days you will have your very first (or next) online sales funnel up and running and ready for you to drive traffic to.

Said differently, by the end of 30 days you should have your funnel ready to make you $!

As you can appreciate so many people suffer from shiny object syndrome, distraction or just downright confusion when it comes to making money online.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is designed to cut through the noise and help you make those first precious dollars following an established process and framework that takes the guessing out of how to launch your offer.

Better still, the One Funnel Away Challenge provides you with not one but actually three different coaches:

  • The man himself – Mr Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels
  • Julie Stoian for the funnel building aspects of the challenge
  • Stephen Larsen for mindset and accountability (it helps that Steve is hilarious. You will definitely enjoy his live coaching calls – they’ll whip you into shape in no time!)


Who Is The One Funnel Away Challenge For?

Though it may definitely sound cliché, I do genuinely believe that almost anyone could benefit from going through the One Funnel Away Challenge regardless of skill level.

Arguably it is more geared towards beginners who want guidance in launching their first sales funnel but conversely the Challenge does lay out a very formulaic approach to launches that just about anyone who could benefit from.

Especially those of us who have gotten stuck in the whirl of misinformation, gurus and general Facebook scrolling distraction in the past… *raises hand sheepishly*

Bottom line is unless you’re doing six figures plus online already using sales funnels, the One Funnel Away Challenge is definitely a good fit for you!

It will 100% help to give you a 360 degree view of launching a funnel and help fill in some of the gaps that may have been confusing you (or just slowing you down).

Why I Signed Up For The One Funnel Away Challenge (And Not Just Once!)

So I actually enjoyed the One Funnel Away Challenge so much I have actually purchased it more than once!

Why I hear you asking?

Well for me it’s actually kind of simple.

Where else can I get both community and accountability all wrapped into one extremely affordable package?

The truth is I haven’t come across another online training program that offers this level of overall value and besides, the repetition of the frameworks only serves to further solidify the marketing principles and concepts in my mind.

It only takes me getting one extra tidbit of value from a live coaching call and I’m already up on my investment. It also forces focus.

And finally there are times when ClickFunnels is offering other bonuses associated with the Challenge so it never hurts to get a couple of extra things along the way.

Once you’ve taken the One Funnel Away Challenge I think you’ll see exactly why you could benefit from taking it more than once.

How Does The One Funnel Away Challenge Work?

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

Ok so the One Funnel Away Challenge, while marketed as 30 days is in fact 5 weeks of training! The value is just immense.

This is because the first week is actually a pre-training week designed to work on your mindset and beliefs. The final week is all about how to take the appropriate next steps to drive traffic to your funnel and start making bank.

Each week has a different theme and within each there are different ‘missions’ (lessons with homework action items) for you to go through.

The good news is they are extremely well designed to be digestible and suitable for busy people. There are even catch up days built into the Challenge to try and ensure you don’t get too far behind but at the same time keep you accountable to getting the work done.

Most importantly, the One Funnel Away Challenge will get you over that critical first hurdle of ‘How/Where do I start’ and then help you to build momentum from there so you can do things like:

  • Define your offer
  • Create your first product
  • Build your sales funnel
  • Create a value ladder
  • And more!

You’ll learn everything from where to find and how to hire graphic designers for your digital assets through to what tools you should use etc.

Even more incredible is that they actually provide you with a proven high converting funnel template that you can keep and use for all of your future funnel needs.


What Will I Get If I Sign Up For The One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge Review

The One Funnel Away Challenge is not just another online course with a couple of hours of content stuffed into it.

In fact, when you sign up to the One Funnel Away Challenge you get a physical kit sent to you in the mail (unless you specifically bought the digital version – see the section below on price for the pros/cons of this).

In the OFA kit you will receive:

  1. The One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook – this is your mission guide that breaks down the tasks associated with each lesson as well as links to online resources. While you will also have access to a digital PDF copy of the workbook, lets face it nothing beats having a physical book to scribble on
    The One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook
  2. The ’30 Days’ Hardcover Book – my oh my, this is pure GOLD. Not only is the book itself extremely premium in its look and feel but inside is what truly delights. 30 detailed 30-day plans from verified online millionaires who have received the ClickFunnels Two Comma Club Award laying out step by step what they would do if they had to start building their online empire from scratch again. Do not estimate the power of this – when it first came out it caused such a frenzy that people were actually selling copies of the book on eBay for hundreds of dollars. Not its yours for free when you purchase the One Funnel Away Challenge physical offer.
    ClickFunnels 30 Days Book
  3. An MP3 Player loaded with live recordings of the first One Funnel Away Challenge – perfect for listening to the material and reinforcing it in your mind at the gym or your daily commute.
    One Funnel Away Challenge MP3 Player

What Is The One Funnel Away Challenge Price? Is It Expensive?

 Now if you’ve read this far you are probably thinking… this all sounds amazing! But here comes the catch, how many hundreds of dollars is the One Funnel Away Challenge..

Drum roll please….

The best part about the One Funnel Away Challenge is in fact its price.

It is only $100.

ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge Cost

Now some of you may think $100 is a lot but I can assure you it 100% is not. $100 for 5 weeks of training, live coaching calls, a proven funnel template, clarity on your offer.. come on…

That my friends is an absolute steal.

Just look at the value proposition in the offer stack below to see the true value of the Challenge:

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses

So the skeptics among you are probably wondering why ClickFunnels would sell this training so cheaply when quite legitimately they could demand a hell of a lot more like they do with other programs.

The reality though is that the Challenge is designed to help you succeed and in turn this provides ClickFunnels with you as a long term user of their products. Your success means they continue to generate more revenue which is quite frankly a whole lot better than someone trying and failing through no fault of their product. Makes sense right?

And if you ask me it’s a win/win for everybody – the way a great deal should be 🙂

Now before I forget and as I mentioned in the section above, there are actually two versions of the One Funnel Away Challenge:

  • OFA + Physical Kit = $100 + $19.95 shipping
  • OFA Digital Only Version = $100

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

If it is your first time doing the One Funnel Away Challenge I STRONGLY recommend going the physical version and paying the little bit extra in shipping.

The included bonuses are awesome and the book alone is worth the extra $20.

If however you have done the challenge before or you are located somewhere remote outside of the United States then perhaps the digital one makes more sense. I just wouldn’t want you to miss out on the box of goodies for the sake of twenty bucks. Its totally worth it in my opinion.


Who Teaches The One Funnel Away Challenge?

The caliber of teaching and mentorship you receive through the One Funnel Away Challenge is outstanding and as mentioned above you will have three coaches guiding you on your OFA journey:

One Funnel Away Challenge Coaches

  • Russell Brunson – the genius behind ClickFunnels and the man credited with popularizing Sales Funnels. Russell will teach you the fundamentals as you go through the Challenge and make sure you understand why what you’re doing in each mission is important to the overall journey
  • Julie Stoian – well known for her agency knowledge and organizational skills, Julie helps you with all of the how-to implementation aspects of the funnel
  • Stephen Larsen – once the lead funnel builder for all of the ClickFunnels internal funnels, Steve provides you with regular coaching calls to answer questions and keep you accountable. He will also shout ‘BOOM’ a lot. You’ll see 😉

Common Questions About The One Funnel Away Challenge – Your Questions Answered

  1. Do I need any specialist skills to join?Nope! You need internet access, a computer and a willingness to learn as there is a lot of content that you will go through as part of the One Funnel Away Challenge.
  2. Is there a guarantee?As is normal with ClickFunnels products you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of purchase if you send your physical kit back to them.
  3. Is it ok if I don’t have a product yet?Yes, OFA will help you to get clear on how to sell your own products but if you are struggling to find the right idea then you can definitely start a business by selling affiliate products – even ClickFunnels itself. This will allow you to leverage what you learn to market and sell other peoples’ products in return for a commission.
  4. I don’t have much time – what happens if I miss a live training?Time is one thing you are going to need to successfully complete the challenge, however as mentioned previously, there are catch up days baked into the timeline. Also if you miss a live training for any reason, a link will be posted to the replay. You just need to try to maintain momentum as that is essentially what the challenge is designed to help you with and if you miss too much in one-go it can start to compound and make it difficult to catch up.
  5. Do I need to already have ClickFunnels to join OFA?You do not need a ClickFunnels subscription to join the One Funnel Away Challenge but when it comes to the funnel building part of it you are going to need their software. The good news is they already thought about this and you can take advantage of the ClickFunnels 14-day free trial in line with the Challenge timeline so it won’t cost you anything while you learn and implement. By the end of the Challenge you want to be launching a funnel to make sales anyway am I right?
  6. How can I get support during the One Funnel Away Challenge?One of the great things about the One Funnel Away Challenge is that during the challenge itself you will have exclusive access to a Facebook group where all of the other students going through OFA will be. You can network, ask questions and support one another. You can also ask questions on the live coaching calls but know that it is not 1-1 sessions and so many others will also be asking questions.
  7. Does the One Funnel Away Challenge have an affiliate program?Yes it does and its very generous. If you get someone to sign up to the One Funnel Away Challenge through your affiliate link then you will receive 100% of the commission, i.e. the full $100. Think of it this way, get just one person to sign up through you and the Challenge becomes free for you. Neat right? So definitely think about who you know that could benefit from going through the Challenge – perhaps you could even go through it together?
  8. Can I still access the One Funnel Away Challenge after it is over?Yes, while the Facebook group and some other assets will go away once the Challenge is up, you will have access to the OFA Alumni area where you can re-watch each of the missions anytime you want. If you opted for the physical kit at signup then don’t forget you will also have the MP3 player with the recordings on there to consume any time you want as well.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review Conclusion – Is The One Funnel Away Challenge Worth It?

ClickFunnels Review

We’ll be the first to admit that there are a TON of online training courses out there about how to make money online but there are SO FEW that provide this much value for just $100.

In fact I cannot think of even one.

Therefore in my opinion, not only is the One Funnel Away Challenge an absolute steal, it is – as the title of this article suggests – probably the best value online training program you’ll ever buy.

As someone who has personally been through the challenge, and not just once, I highly recommend it for anyone who is serious about starting an online business.

Coaching, accountability, explanation and step-by-step instructions backed by leverageable resources. The One Funnel Away Challenge really has it all. ClickFunnels has knocked it out of the park with this one.

So what are you waiting for? Click the red button below to find out when the next One Funnel Away Challenge is starting!


Here’s to your online success!

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